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Nortel T7316e Business Series Telephone also known as the BT T7316e is the executive telephone in the T series range. This telephone comes with all the buttons and features you will need in order for you run your office as efficient as you can. The T7316e phone has a tilting two level LCD display that also has a Red indicator which flashes when there is an incoming call or stays constant when you have a voicemail.

Below the screen you three keys, these become whatever is displayed on the bottom of the screen, this will change depending on what you are doing. Below these keys you have the HOLD Button FEATURE Button and the RLS Button. The Feature button is the button you will need to press in order for any of the features to work. The HOLD button simply puts the caller on hold and to retrieve the caller you simply press the button that is flashing. The RLS button simply releases what you are doing either you have the receiver in your hand or on the telephone. Below these keys you have the dialling pad where you would dial from, you then have the volume bar followed by three more keys and they are the MUTE key, SPEAKER Key and the HEADSET Key. These keys once pressed will do what is indicated on them.

You then have eight keys without display and 16 keys with display and these are normally used either as line keys, Feature keys or Internal extension keys. The top eight keys are normally programmed as either features or external numbers.

The Nortel T7316e telephone is full hands free telephone and also comes with a headset port. The Nortel T7316e phone comes in two colours Charcoal or Platinum and you are also able to hang onto a wall by simply taking the back bracket off and spinning it around.


Nortel T7316e Telephone Key Features:

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